YANTAI T.FULL BIOTECH CO.,LTD., founded in 2011, is a company dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of pulses protein,starch and fiber products.
T.full covers an area of about 66700㎡, with a total investment of about RMB 150 million. It has advanced equipment and unique processing technology.All raw material used for the main products are non-GMO peas and pea flour imported from North America, 
Pea protein contains 18 kinds of amino acids and various trace elements required by human beings. As a non-allergic raw material, it’s an excellent substitute for animal protein and soybeans protein, and can be widely used for health food, sports drinks and baked goods. Pea protein is also a substitute for protein ingredients needed in industries like pet food. In addition to pea protein, the company is also committed to the development and promotion of other pulses protein, such as mung bean protein, lentil protein, fava bean protein and etc.
The other main product of the company is pulses starch, which is the primary raw material of pulses vermicelli; It can also be used as ingredient of bean jelly, puffed food, biscuits and etc. 
T.full will also develop and promote high-end health products such as dietary fiber and fiber ingredients needed in other food industries.
The objectives of T.full are:
- To provide high quality service to meet the needs from our partners and customers for establishing and maintaining the credibility and reputation of the company.
- To provide employees with a relaxed working environment, more challenging and worth expecting future, so as to maximize employees' sense of belonging, dependence and high acceptance of the enterprise's vision.       
- To minimize the risks, maximize the company’s profitability, undertake the social responsibility and make contribution to the development of health food industry.   
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